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April 6, 2018

Our little ranch is growing ever so fast. We are excited about growing, and the new animals that entails. We have our new male breeder Victor. He is a blonde mangalitsa fully papered and from Michigan. Have you ever seen a blonde, curly haired pig? Don't mistake this hog for a sheep.


It is hard to believe that this pig almost went extinct. They are adorable and unique & very socialble.  Our boy Victor above, pictured with a few of our Farm Stand friends over the past few weeks.  He loves attention, and hanging out with cool peeps.


As our ranch grows, the variety of animals that we collect also grows. Currently on Cosmic Roots Ranch, we have pure Mangalitsa Pigs, Mangalitsa/potbelly pigs & chickens.  


Baby piglets are being born daily, with a total of 11 moms, so we expect nearly 100 piglets as the days go by.


We have fresh pork in stock and 2 Open House/Farm Stands each week.  Come by, say hi to the pigs, and get the most amazing pork you'll ever eat!


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