Going To Market

Summer is almost here! And with that, the ranch is buzzing with news. We are excited to tell you about the ranch's upcoming farm stand, our booth at the Nevada City Farmers Market, and where to get your hands on our exclusive mangalitsa soap. Needless to say, things have been busy around the ranch.

Starting Saturday, Cosmic Roots Ranch will have a cute farm booth at the Nevada City Farmers Market. Show up early (the market opens at 8:30) and get your hands on your own pure mangalitsa pork, mangalitsa/boar meat, eggs, hand refined mangalitsa lard, soap, pork bones, and watermelon starts for the garden. The market runs from 8:30-1 every Saturday starting June 3rd and ending November 4th. Make sure to show up on the first Saturday of every month and stock up on your Cosmic Roots Ranch products.

We are also in the process of creating our very own permanent farm stand on the ranch. Very soon, we will be offering all of the products you see online, at our farm stand located on our ranch, just outside of Grass Valley. We are planning on being open one day per week and hope to let you know more about this as we progress on the idea.

With the start of these two occasions, we will be temporarily closing our online store. With the demand of our pork, and the very limited supply, we decided to make it easier for everyone to get what they want. So we encourage you to stop by the Nevada City Farmers Markets on the first Saturday's of the month, or swing by our very own ranch stand when that doesn't work.

Need a bar of our exclusive mangalitsa soap and can't wait until the market? No worries! We are also excited to say Gold-N-Green Rentals in Grass Valley now offering your favorite scents of our luscious soap. Stop by during their open hours anytime and snag a bar (or two) for only $5.

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