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We all move so fast that sometimes, eating sustainably can be the last thing on our minds. Don't let your diet suffer any longer! We are here to help. Between our constant social media updates, this blog, and our monthly newsletter, we keep you connected to your local ranch and your delicious food.

We encourage you to sign up for our great monthly newsletter. This newsletter will give you some insight on our ranch, our partners, sustainable ranching, and the origins of mangalitsa pork. We email it to you at the beginning of every month, reminding you to submit your monthly order for pork, poultry, or veggies. Aside from that, we keep your email private and we promise not to fill your email up with spam!

As for this blog, we will post some great info, tips, or some cool new ideas here. This is a little bit more fun and less structured. We may have some cute photos of the pigglets or maybe of our cute family. Either way, it is our weekly shout out to you! We hope you follow along in our fun.

Finally, add us on Instagram and Facebook! Everyone on the ranch is very social, especially our cow, Daisy. Our instagram username is @cosmicrootsranch and you can find our facebook page at

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