Things to know about your store bought soap.

You've probably heard the term, paraben-free and didn't know exactly what paraben was. I know that was the case for me. I would read the ingredients on my soap and understand maybe 3 out of the 20 listed ingredients. Obviously, you know there's a risk out there using any sort of chemical, but how exactly are we supposed to care for our biggest organ yet?

That's right, your skin is your biggest organ. It is our line of defense from so many things, like dirt and germs, to name a couple. Yet, so many people (including myself) are feeding it chemicals and poisons to try and feel clean and smell pretty. That being said, we didn't know! Am I right? The cosmetic companies of the world don't want you to know. The information isn't as common knowledge as say the harmful effects of GMO's or pesticides.

Today, Ellen Cole, co-owner and operator of Cosmic Roots Ranch, shares with us why her handcrafted soaps are superior to any store-bought soap. Ellen raises Mangalitsa Pigs on her small ranch in Grass Valley, CA, and after slaughter she renders the excess fat into luxurious, all-natural soaps. Listen to what she has to say:

"Well, Ellen, let’s talk about your handcrafted soaps. Why Soap? Where does the soap come from?"

"So, I have this amazing neighbor, Assunta Osterholt. One day she visited us to get some of our farm-fresh eggs, and dropped off a bag of her own hand-made soaps. They were so wonderful that I slowly started asking questions. I learned from her that I could make soaps from rendered pork fat… REALLY?! Me being me, I jumped right on that. I am a huge believer that we should use ALL of the animal after slaughter and let none go to waste. I also just happened to have 100 lbs of fat to render."

Well, how is soap made? Is it hard?

It’s a process for the patient and meticulous. Assunta showed me step-by-step, how to mix each batch with care, to bring you the best cleaning, 100%-all-natural and creamiest soap you’ll ever put on your body! Our Mangalitsa soaps are mixed by hand and poured into molds. After they set, each bar has to be cut by hand, and then stamped individually. From beginning-to-end, each bar of soap is handcrafted to give you soapy satisfaction. How long does the process take? Making each batch of soap takes about 3 hours. Then there is a 24-48 hour cure time in the mold. Once removed from the mold, the soap is placed on a cooling rack for another 24 hours. Then the soap gets cut into approximately ¾”-thick pieces, and placed back on the cooling rack for 1-3 days, prior to stamping. After the stamping process is complete, the soap will need about 4 weeks to cure, prior to use. This allows the soap to set-up completely, which makes for a longer lasting bar. However, if needed, the soap is ready to use as soon as it is made. It seems like a lot of trouble for just a bar of soap, don’t you think? Why is hand-made soap better than store-bought soap? Oh that’s easy! Handmade soap made from all-natural ingredients will always be the best option. When you make a soap, you know exactly what went into each bar. You know there are no imitation products, chemicals, or dyes. Making soap yourself, or buying from a local artisan, will give you peace of mind that you’re using the best product for your body, and helping to support your local community. It’s a win-win!

Let me tell you, after this interview, I was sent home with a couple of bars of her soap to photograph. During the photos I lathered up the bars and I have never seen soap bubbles so small and creamy. The soap literally reminded me of good latte foam. After just one use in the shower I was completely sold. It is the best bar of soap I've tried for shaving and the scents are perfect. You can buy her exclusive lavender, peppermint, and calming mint soaps on the site now.

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