Quality Food - Not for the Rich & Famous.

There is a myth out there that eating conciously, sustainably, and organically is only for the rich and famous. It costs too much to shop at your local whole foods or favorite organic market. We get it. Raising a family on the right foods without breaking the budget can seem impossible. There is a secret to saving cash while eating right, but anyone can do it, and we are here to show you how!

The very definition to saving money while eating right is preparation. Preparation saves you time, ingredients, and money. That being said, preparation can take many forms. We will discuss how buying farm direct, buying in bulk, meal prepping, and always planning ahead will save you, and your family, the cash for other expenses and ultimately lead to a healthier lifestyle.

The highest priced items on everyone's grocery bill will always be quality meat. For good reason, too. Compromising the quality of your meat can be a dangerous substitution for you and your family. Can you be sure that your meat wasn't treated with hormones, steroids, or just wasn't cared for correctly (can anyone say, Mad Cow Disease?) So where can you find quality meat at a price that doesn't kill your budget? Right here at Cosmic Roots Ranch. We can supply your family with all of the pork, poultry, and produce needs. Check out our shop to see the selection and feel free to contact us to customize your orders. While picking up your order at the ranch, you will see the quality of life for these happy animals. There's no secret to why it tastes so good, it is "The Most Loved Meat You'll Ever Eat." Store these great meats in your freezer and use them throughout your meals; buying in bulk will save you a ton of cash on your grocery bill.

I know you have strolled past those bulk sections in your local supermarket. I encourage you to take a closer look next time. Are you shopping at a store that has a decent bulk section? If you can find a store with a good variety of items in bulk, you can save a lot of cash, and trash, by buying your own containers and refilling them with the items that you go through most. Items such as flour, pasta, beans, rice, protein powders, granola, and so much more can be found in a good bulk section. So the first step to saving money and being prepared is stocking up on the necessary ingredients at a cheap price.

Now, prepare your food! Meal prepping is the best way to make your food stretch. I like to think of it as an adult-style "lunchables." Pick out your favorite recipes and a slow day of your week. Sundays are my favorite, as I can plan my whole week of food in one day and be preppared. As for finding some great recipes, sign up for our monthly newsletter. We will share some of our favorites with you! After you have preppared your meals, store them in air-tight containers and label them for each meal. This saves you a ton of time in the kitchen and means less time eating out.

Finally, dont forget to plan ahead for those big meals, as well. Ordering your hams for the holidays and stocking up on the necessary veggies for those big cookouts will save you those last second trips to the grocery store, which add up quick. Make sure to be a subscriber so we can alert you about our holiday specials as it gets closer to Thanksgiving.

What are your favorite ways to save some cash on your food budget? Do you have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment below. Share your sustainable eating methods with the rest of the world.

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