Rarest Pig of All

You may have heard by now, Magalitsa Pork is known as the kobe beef of pork. Why is that? Is the Mangalitsa as rare and exclusive as kobe beef? Simply put, yeah, it is. First and foremost, this pig is rare. It also takes longer to raise this pig to acheive the desired marbled fat. Mangalitsa pork could also be the most sought after pork in the market right now.

Until recently, this pig was not in demand, whatsoever. In fact, it almost went extinct because of the introduction of easier, cheaper vegetable oils. The consumers of old substituted flavor for less fat. Pigs were bred to be more lean, and obviously, Mangalitsa was out. Their name literally means "Pig covered in lard." The American consumer wasn't even introduced to Mangalitsa pork until 2007. This pig is rare. Now, we offer the most loved Mangalitsa pork on the market.

These pigs live a long, happy life before making their way to your plate. To acheive the amazing marbled effect on the pork we have to let them grow big and fat. Our happy, hairy pigs spend their long lives outdoors in beautiful Nevada County, rooting in our rich soils growing big. When you see this meat, you can see the rich, lucious fat that packs a punch of flavor. The sausage tastes how sausage should. As for bacon, let me tell you, order early. We cannot keep this on the shelf long enough. Let the flavor speak for itself.

This great flavor has this pork in demand. The American foodie is now seeing this pork pop-up in some of the most exclusive restuarants, and they just can't get enough. Check out the menu at Penn Valley's fanciest resuarant. It is chock-full of Cosmic Roots Ranch Mangalitsa pork and other products. With this demand being so high, we encourage you to order early, or safer yet, reserve your whole or half pig now. You can find this in our online store with just a few clicks.

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