Pork that tastes how pork should... fatty. This Mangalitsa Pork will overwhelm your taste buds and leave you begging for more. We let these pigs grow big and fat. This allows for our meat to be marbled with creamy, luscious fat. This is why Mangalitsa Pigs are also known as the Kobe Beef of pork. These pigs are free-range and roam our small ranch outside of Grass Valley, CA. They live a longer, happier life, and we feel like you can taste it. Order online above and stop by the ranch to pick it up. Dont see what you are looking for? Well don't be afraid to ask, Contact us! 

**Shipping not available on Pork products. **
When ordering pork, enter the total weight you desire. 
All orders are processed "Offline", and a final bill with actual package weights will be emailed to you with pickup information.
You do not pay for any orders Online ~ Pickup & Payment at the Ranch or at a pre-designated pickup location.
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Please Note While Ordering

  • All online weights are approximate. The final product weight will vary slightly and any difference in fees will be billed on pickup.

  • We appreciate your online orders! However, we appreciate if you can contact us before ordering to ensure we have your product in stock. 

  • All-Natural Antibiotic-Free Mangalitsa Pork

  • All Pigs Raised in California at the Cosmic Roots Ranch in California

  • All Pigs Processed at Manas Ranch Custom Meats in Californiia

  • USDA approved pork

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